Slanic Prahova

Located in Prahova county, 45 km north of Ploiesti, Prahova Slanic town is known mainly as a permanent spa.

Slanic city is situated on the river, the curved area of the Sub-Carpathians, at an altitude of 413 m.
Slanic PrahovaThe resort of national importance, is open all year round, enjoying a temperate forested hills specify characterized by pleasant summers (July average temperature is 19.5 ° C) and relatively mild winters (average temperature in January is -3.5 ° C).
The average annual temperature is 9 ° C and average annual rainfall is 750 mm.

Mineral water springs containing calcium compounds, chlorine, sodium, sulfur (used since 1885, when the resort started to develop) and high concentration of salt lakes (Baciului Baia, Baia Rosie, Baia Pigs, Green Lake) are used in the treatment of degenerative rheumatic diseases sidiartritice (cervical, dorsal and lumbar osteoarthritis, poliartroza, tendinitis, tendimiozita, periarthritis scapulohumeral periarthritis), the post-traumatic conditions (after sprains and fractures of limbs, treated and cured by surgical methods, after osteoarthritis), neurological diseases of the peripheral nervous system (light paresis, old polio sequelae, follow after polinevroze) gynecological diseases (ovarian insufficiency, chronic cervicitis, chronic metrosalpingita), respiratory disease (chronic bronchitis and tracheobronchitis, allergic asthma), diseases dermatological (psoriasis, ichthyosis early keratotica dermatitis), and of course vascular disease (varicose incipientes, erythremelalgia).Grota Miresei
Facilities for bathing in hot mineral water baths, cold baths in the lake, the hot mud applications for gynecological treatments and electrotherapy.

Salina SlanicThe old salt mine (Unirea) was transformed into a nursing home - at a depth of 210 m - for the treatment of respiratory diseases in salty air microclimate.

The resort has a spa complex, and many accommodations and amenities.

Tourism in the area is heavily favored by the existence, at Slanic, uncovered a mountain of salt (natural reserve) and the picturesque lake Miresii (or Miresii Cave, 425 sq. m, 20 m deep) which formed in 1914 by the collapse a salt mine.
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